All appointments are now at our new Louisville shop location:

245 Century Cir Suite 201 Louisville, CO 80027

Copyright © Boulder Brows   |   Merrick Chase Photography

Copyright © Boulder Brows   |   Merrick Chase Photography








Boulder Brows does not offer same day appointments.  All appointments must be scheduled online at least 2 days prior - we do not schedule via phone/email.  A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.  DEPOSITS ARE TRANSFERABLE, HOWEVER THEY ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  Payments at the time of service can be made with a check, cash, or credit/debit card.  RESCHEDULING: Any changes to your appointment must be made online more than 2 days prior to your scheduled appointment - please click the link from the email or text confirmation you received at the time of booking, or from the reminder sent 3 days prior to your appointment.  Please do not call or email us to reschedule.  Please note that because of our limited availability for our Permanent Makeup services, last-minute rescheduling will likely result in an additional waiting period of 3+ months.  We are happy to add you to our Waitlist, but that will not guarantee an appointment spot sooner than what is available online at the time of rescheduling. 

CANCELLATIONS within 2 days of your appointment will result in losing your deposit.  No-shows that occur a 2nd time will result in a fee of 100% of the service price.  Please note that it is the client's responsibility to educate themselves (before booking) on the procedure being requested and understand any and all prep/aftercare/downtime for that procedure (please see our FAQ & AFTERCARE pages).  Arriving to your scheduled appointment and deciding to reschedule will result in losing your deposit.  


Immediately after submitting a request for an appointment, you should receive an email/text receipt.  If you do not receive a receipt notification, your request for an appointment did not successfully go through.  Please submit your request again.  All appointment requests are submitted to Boulder Brows for review before approval.  This typically takes a couple hours after submission.  Once your appointment has been confirmed, you will receive another email/text notification confirming the appointment.  

You will receive an email notification 3 days prior to your scheduled appointment as well as a text message reminder the day of your appointment.  Please click the text message link and review your appointment information. 


No walk-ins, please.  We do not schedule appointments via walk-in/phone/email.  Please schedule online.  If you have any difficulties scheduling online, please contact us via email at  PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE MORE THAN 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME.  If you are more than 5 minutes late to your appointment, it is the technician's discretion as to whether or not your appointment must be rescheduled.  We will not rush through any service to accommodate you for being late.  

If you have children, please make arrangements for childcare ahead of time.  We do not allow children in the treatment room for safety and health code reasons, and children cannot be left unattended in the waiting area.  Pets are also not allowed in the building due to Boulder County Public Health Regulations, so please make arrangements for your furry friends beforehand.  Please do not bring a friend/guest to your appointment.  If you need a second opinion for your permanent makeup procedure, you can always send photos or Facetime friends standing by.  

It is the artist/esthetician's job to carry out YOUR service, and they cannot optimally do so if they are also catering to your friends/children/pets.  Failure to abide by our business policies will result in forfeiting your appointment that day, and you will lose your deposit.  

If you have an outstanding balance with us, we will not be able to service you until your balance has been paid.


No alcohol or CAFFEINE 24 hours prior to your appointment.  No fish oil, anticoagulants or blood thinning drugs 4 days prior to your appointment.  Your appointment will be rescheduled for failure to follow the pre-appointment preparation protocol, and your deposit will be forfeited.  

Client's that are new to Boulder Brows are required to select the standard full-price initial session.  Even if you have pre-existing work from another artist, you are still new to us and must schedule as a new client.  

We recommend scheduling your touchup appointment prior to coming to your initial session (due to limited availability).  If you have to cancel your touchup for any reason, please note that you may be assessed a higher cost if you are unable to secure a new touchup appointment within 8 weeks of your initial session.  We do not guarantee availability if you need to reschedule, but will do our best to accommodate you in a timely manner.  The 4-8 week Touchup session is a "perfecting" appointment, designed to make any adjustments needed from the first session.  We will not honor this touchup pricing outside of the 8-week window.    


245 Century Circle Suite 201 Louisville, CO 80027

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Located directly behind Spice China

From McCaslin, head West on Century Drive (the side with the Great Western Bank), then take the next left onto Century Circle.  We are directly after the daycare, on the right - the teal and brick building. 



MONDAY                   11:00am   to   6:00pm

TUESDAY                    1:00pm   to   8:00pm

WEDNESDAY              11:00am   to   4:30pm

THURSDAY                  11:00am   to   6:00pm

FRIDAY                        11:00am   to   4:30pm

WEEKENDS                  12:00pm   to   7:00pm


OFFICE PHONE: 303-395-4831