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Copyright © Boulder Brows


  • First 48 hours: Dab your brows with a clean paper towel before applying Aquaphor - apply throughout the day to keep brows moist.  We don't want any scabbing.  Apply antibacterial cream before bed the first 2 nights post treatment. Your brows may ooze lymph (cloudy yellow substance) for the first 48 hours; remove by blotting with a clean paper towel. 
  • Keep a thin layer of Aquaphor on your brows for 2-3 weeks.  Apply by rolling the qtip across the brow.
  • DO NOT wash your brows for 2 WEEKS.  Water will draw the pigment out of the strokes.  When showering, cup your hands over your brows to prevent water from splashing onto them.  Wash your face in front of a mirror to be sure you are avoiding the treatment area completely.   
  • Do not pick, scratch, or rub any skin flakes or scabs.  Allow them to fall off naturally.  Picking can cause scarring and premature loss of pigment.  
  • Avoid getting soaps, shampoos/conditioners or other cleansers on the treated area for the first week.
  • DO NOT apply makeup to the tattooed area for the first 2 weeks.  
  • Do not tint/dye the treated area the month following the procedure.
  • Do not thread or wax the treated area for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid exercising and/or sweating the week following the procedure.  Sweat can push the pigment out of the strokes.
  • No swimming for 3 weeks.
  • Do not soak your face underwater or allow the shower to spray directly on your face for 2 weeks.  
  • Avoid sun exposure if possible.  Apply sunscreen to the treated area when sun exposure is anticipated after 3 weeks.  
  • Rinse treated area gently with baby wash if contact is made with chlorine, or other chemicals.
  • If you are having any skin care procedure done on your face, please inform the technician.  Laser procedures may darken, lighten, or discolor the tattooed area and can lead to severe hyperpigmentation.  Continue at your own discretion. 


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  • No eye-makeup for 6 days.
  • Do not wet/wash your eyes for 6 days.
  • Apply Aquaphor to the treatment site twice a day/as needed for 6 days.
  • Avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks.
  • You may ice your eyes as needed avoiding any condensation or moisture on the treatment site.
  • You can return to your regular makeup/cleansing routine on day seven.


  • Avoid using oils or products that contain oils directly on the treated area.  This can cause the color to fade more quickly.
  • If you decide to wear makeup on the treated area, the removal of that makeup can cause the color to fade more quickly.


  • Treat your skin as if it's been badly sunburned.
  • Stay out of the sun!  Refrain from sun overexposure for at least a week.  
  • If you are going to be spending any time outside (even driving to the grocery store and back), PUT ON SUNSCREEN!  Sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapplied 15 minutes after going outside.  
  • Avoid hot water on the treated area for at least a week.  
  • No harsh exfoliating for 1 week post treatment.  Would you use a scrub on a sunburn?  No!
  • You can permanently damage your newly exposed skin if you do not follow these aftercare instructions.  Aftercare is 50% of the procedure!