Jessica Tiel is the owner and master artist of Boulder Brows.  She received her aesthetics education from the Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics, after earning her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder.     

Jess is a master eyebrow micropigmentation artist who specializes in the art of Microblading, earning two Microblading Certifications from Everlasting Brows and the Irina Chen Microblading Academy.  She has extensive PMU training, including a 132 hour Permanent Makeup Artist Certification from Beauty Mark Skincare & Permanent Makeup by Erla Trujillo

In addition, she has advanced PMU training including a certification in Tinted Lips from the Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup Academy, where she trained under both Daria and her husband and Kostas, two widely respected PMU artists in the industry.  Jess also has her certification in Saline Tattoo Removal from Teryn Darling of Girlz Ink. 

"Art has always been a passion of mine.  When it came to brows, it was important to me to take not just one Microblading certification training.  I wanted a really solid foundation to master the technique, and then develop my own unique style." 

"Brows became a passion of mine when I realized just how impactful Microblading could be on a person's life.  To be able to give the gift of waking up every morning, looking in the mirror, and feeling your most confident self - that feeling is what fuels the passion I bring to work everyday.  I absolutely love what I do.  And I'm so thankful that I get to share this business that I've worked so hard to build, and am so incredibly proud of, with every beautiful face that walks through my door."  


Emily is part of our team of Permanent Makeup Artists, and Brow Specialists.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from Colorado State University and previously worked in the pr/marketing field.  With a desire to explore an exciting new path, she pursued the aesthetics field and turned her infatuation with brows into a career. 

She attended the Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics where she received advanced certifications in Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Dermaplane.  She then hit the ground running and immediately jumped into the world of permanent cosmetics, completing her 132 hour Permanent Makeup Certification with Jess's mentor, Erla Trujillo.  She earned her Microblading Certification here at Boulder Brows, and is continuing to perfect her technique by working alongside Jess.  Emily also has a certification in Tinted Lips from the Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup Academy and is excited to explore this new cutting edge lip pigmentation method that's sweeping the industry.

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As a well rounded artist, Emily also does gorgeous ombré/soft powdered brows, freckles, beauty marks, and lips.  But it's the brows that captivate her the most.  She's excited to see where her passion of brows will take her, and is excited to grow as a member of one of Colorado's leading Brow Artist Teams. 

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Sophia is our Makeup Artist and Brow & Lash Lifting Specialist!  Her love of all things beauty started at a young age, and her start at Ulta helped her realize her desire to take the next steps in pursuing a career in the beauty industry. She completed her aesthetics education at the Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics, and started her career working as an intern here at Boulder Brows. 

She is a licensed esthetician, and professional Makeup Artist, certified by Priscilla Ono (Rihanna’s personal makeup artist!). She has a love for all things lashes, with a Lash Lifting Certification from Sugarlash Pro, as well as two certifications in Classic Lash Extensions from both Borboleta, and Glad Lash. Sophia has advanced certifications in Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, and Dermaplaning, but naturally it's the artistry of makeup & brows that she loves the most.  She trained under Jess to master our highly sought-after Brow Shaping technique and brings a fresh, youthful perspective to her artistry! 


Syd is our newest esthetician and Microblading artist in training! From a young age, she has enjoyed all forms of art and the many ways she can express her creativity. Helping people feel better and more beautiful has always been a passion of hers. She received her bachelors degree from Fort Lewis College in Art/Graphic Design and was previously freelancing and working in real estate marketing.  She found a newly sparked interest in aesthetics after driving 7 hours to Boulder Brows to get her eyebrows microbladed by Jess. After filling in her brows for the last 8 years, she felt it was one of the best investments she has ever made!  Eager to start training in a new career that merged all of her interests, she found Denver’s School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics. Changing careers to one that uses both her artistic skills and her passion for helping people feel beautiful was an easy decision! 

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